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The health, safety and well-being of our gymnasts, families, and staff

is our number one priority.

Practice arrival/check-in

  • Participants will not be allowed to enter the gym any sooner than five minutes before the start of their class
  • Only gymnasts and staff are permitted to continue into the gym; parents are not permitted to remain in the gym during class
  • No outside footwear is allowed in the gym and must be left in the hallway
  • All participants will be marked on the attendance sheet to ensure possible contact tracing if necessary
  • Bags and outwear can be placed in cubbies on the stage.
  • After removing outerwear, participants will use hand sanitizer before continuing to the floor

Running classes/class expectations

  • There will be a maximum of 25 people in the gym at a time (including staff) in order to ensure that expectations are maintained and followed
  • Younger and lower level gymnasts will not be in groups greater than seven participants
  • Older and higher level gymnasts will not be in groups greater than ten participants
  • Coaches will wear a mask at all times
  • Gymnasts will wear masks at all times unless there is a risk of line of vision being lost while taking a turn
  • Coaches will limit spotting unless necessary to ensure the safety of gymnasts
  • Markers will be placed on the carpet for ensure distance while stretching; gymnasts will stay on these markers while stretching
  • Markers will be placed on the floor and carpet for ensure distance while waiting in line; gymnasts will stay on these markers while waiting in line
  • Hand sanitizer will be located at multiple locations throughout the gym and gymnasts will be required to use hand sanitizer after every station.
  • Gymnasts will not share masks, water bottles, grips, athletic tape, chalk, or any other supplies
  • If a gymnast’s mask breaks, a new mask will be provided
  • Mats, equipment, apparatus, floors, carpet, and cubbies will be sanitized and disinfected after the last class of the day


  • Parents/guardians will not come into the building to pick up their gymnasts. A coach will make sure that a parent/guardian is present before dismissing each gymnast for pick-up, unless there is signed notification from a parent/guardian stating that the gymnast is permitted to leave on their own

Additional details

  • There will be no unnecessary spectators, visitors, or volunteers allowed in the gym beyond those needed to run the program
  • Weather permitting, windows will be kept open in order to increase ventilation
  • Weather permitting, large gym-sized fans will be kept on to increase airflow in the gym