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At the end of every practice, Phoenix Force Gymnasts huddle together and shout the team’s motto at the top of their lungs: “Stronger than the day before!” These words have become a way of life for our athletes as our club has consistently produced champions in the gym, the classroom, and the community.

The Phoenix Force Gymnastics Club is based out of the Water Tower Recreation Center in Chestnut Hill. Our club has provided beginner through advanced gymnastics training for over 40 years. Our athletes’ training schedule is demanding - at higher levels, they practice year round, four to five days per week, three to five hours per day – but the results are unmistakable. Last year, Thunder Cats gymnasts placed in State and Regional Championships, and competed Eastern National Championships.

More important than their impressive athletic achievements is the camaraderie among the girls. This is fostered by the club’s Mentorship Program. Advanced gymnasts selected as mentors develop leadership skills by serving as role models for their younger, less experienced teammates. This system instills values of determination, perseverance, and teamwork while providing a fun and safe environment for children to learn.

Phoenix Force is one of the few nonprofit gymnastics clubs in the city of Philadelphia. This permits the club to charge lower fees than private gyms and to provide scholarships as needed. Unfortunately, this also leads to substantial financial challenges with purchasing new equipment.

Community support for our gymnastics program is vital and your support is greatly needed.

Our gymnasts truly appreciate your support!